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A single turn is broken down into stages that occur in order across all Organisms:
  1. Organism implementations decide what interactions and movement they wish to perform based on the state of the World at the end of the last turn
  2. These decisions are updated into the OrganismInfo that will be visible to other Organisms
  3. Interactions are processed (attacking / loving / singing)
  4. Moving is processed
  5. Giving birth, growing and dying is processed

This means that:
  • no Organism can see what another Organism is planning on doing when it makes its decision about what it is going to do,
  • an Organism can't approach, attack and then run away before its target gets a chance to attack back
  • an Organism can try and dodge an attacker by predicting which way the attacker will go and moving in a different direction
  • the cost of moving is easy to predict as it is based on the size of the Organism at the time the decision to move is made

A model was toyed with where the decision about where to move was made after interactions were processed, but I wanted to more closely simulate the situation where an Organism could move while attacking or defending. The direction that an organism is facing while attacking and moving is thus the same, which may mean that a trade-off has to be made between moving more slowly backwards and not being able to see where you're going but being able to defend well and moving more quickly but being more vulnerable to attack.

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