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Organism Data

Organism data is stored in several places. OrganismStats holds an Organism's "genetic" information, data that doesn't change over an Organism's lifespan. OrganismData holds the organisms current information. OrganismInfo holds the information that Organism implementations can see about an organism (both their own and others). OrganismAbilities holds the OrganismData and OrganismStats and implements the logic that determines the combined effect of the various statistics on the abilites of an Organism.

Example Properties

OrganismData contains, amongst other things:
public uint Age;
public double Energy;
OrganismInfo contains, amongst other things:
public Color Colour;
public PointD Location;
OrganismStats contains, amongst other things:
public Genders Gender;
public uint PubertyAge, // When can start mating
public double Agility;
OrganismAbilities contains, amongst other things:
double Weight { get; }
double AttackDamage { get; }
bool Alive { get; }

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