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Clients have two distinct roles:
  • Uploading new organisms to the Creature Kingdom
  • Providing a view of the current state of the Creature Kingdom
The view of the current state includes watching Organisms as they move and interact and a list of statistics about the total number of different types of Organisms.

Currently there is only a WPF based client that combines the upload and view functionality in one project, in the future we intend to have a WPF client that connects directly to the service, a cross-browser web client (probably including a version of the WPF client using SilverLight) and to expose statistical information as a SOAP feed and possibly as RSS.
Currently the WPF client connects directly to a World running in the same process as it, very soon this connection will be via WCF. The implementation of the sandboxing of the creatures should be done before allowing WCF.

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