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Oct 9, 2009 at 4:28 AM

What are your plans for the vegetation? Are plants and trees organisms (as in Terrarium)? Or special objects fully managed by the server?

I suppose it would be more efficient to hard code the vegetation because it won't have any logic anyway. How do you want to implement the vegetation growth and multiplication?

Oct 9, 2009 at 11:17 AM

In Terrarium vegetation is a separate type of organism. I saw vegetation as not being so clearly de-marked. After all, as a creature when you look at a plant that you've never seen before you shouldn't know whether it is a plant or an animal staying very still until you've poked it and seen how it responds. This also allows for (at some point in the distant future) implementation of logic to allow clever kinds of plant reproduction (a plant gives birth to a seed that sticks to an animal that comes near it to eat the plant and the seed gives birth to a new plant some time later). It also allows for un-rooted plants that can be carried by water or plants that digest small animals. We can worry about efficiency if / when this causes actual problems that are revealed by profiling. Until then we should go for the cleanest & most realistic approach and see what kind of plants people can dream up logic for.