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Not a port

This project is not a port of the old Microsoft Terrarium for .Net 1.1, for that see Bil Simser's project called .NET Terrarium in Related Projects to the right. This is a new game based on similar ideas. Bil's project has a massive headstart over this one and assuming there are no licencing issues with it I consider his project to have a much better chance of getting to a usable state quickly. I encourage you to contribute to his project instead of this one unless you feel that a rewrite is needed because of fundamental gameplay flaws in the original Terrarium.

Project Description

A replacement for the old Microsoft Terrarium game to run on .Net 2. Creature Kingdom provides an environment for organisms to live in where each organism is represented by a piece of code programmed by a player of the game.

* A lightweight interface implementation model for organism development rather than an event-driven model
* A large set of organism statistics, many of which are interrelated
* A non-grid based map
* A single large world map dynamically distributable between processors
* No upper or lower limits on organism size, allowing virus-sized parasites living on other organisms
* A proper concept of sight and camoflage, not allowing 360 degree vision or seeing through other organisms

Creature Kingdom 1082009 81429 PM.jpg


As you write code / start to understand bits that other people have written, please share the knowledge in the appropriate section of this wiki.
For users
How to write your first organism | Advanced organism development | Organism strategies
For developers
Solution overview | Design documents | Architecture description | References

Not Yet Released

There are no binary releases for this project yet, download the source, build the whole solution and run the WPF Client to see the project in "action" (OK, it doesn't do much yet!)

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